Instant Ways Limited specializes in various fields of business growth and business development. Our services focus on helping out your businesses reach to the desired level of income and find place among the best competitors.

Our list of services include.  

Marketing Strategy​
Performance Improvement
Increased Productivity 

Marketing Consultancy is our platform for showcasing our creativity. Whether it is for developing a marketing strategy or innovating an existing one, we provide you with accessible, affordable and high quality marketing advise.

Services include:
  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Operations Management

  • Business Promotion Strategy

  • Direct & Digital marketing

  • Branding

Business Planning

Performance Improvement is all about growing sustainably. WBC will give you that edge to maximise your true potential. Plan your businesses’ first steps with our strategy and growth services. We can help with planning, expanding or restructuring your company into a profitable business.

Services include:
  • Business Plan

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Operations Review

  • Business Development Strategy

Operation Management

Clients often approach Candour Business Consultancy wanting to change their business model. Our services cater to clients interested in modifying their companies but are unsure how to do it. Increasing productivity is a major goal for many business people, as the more productive their workforce is, the more money they can bring into their businesses. While this concept may seem simple, to fully understand what it means to increase productivity, you must go past a literal definition and develop a stronger understanding of the concept as a whole and learn how you can achieve this goal.
Through innovation, staff empowerment and education we can support you to achieve better results and move your business forward.

IT Management 

 support clients to put strong business plans in place, achieve financial goals and address resource requirements.

  • Our Business Planning Services produce business plans designed for easy, regular review – to ensure that performance stays on track.

  • Business plans incorporate key actions, deliverables and performance indicators – aligned to operating budgets.

  • We provide expert Business Planning Mentors where required – to help clients achieve their plan.

We recommend that all businesses have a robust business plan in place – as a platform for success.

A number of industries now operate in a low growth environment, with little immediate prospect of an improvement in organic revenue expansion. In some areas, low growth also reflects structural shifts in consumer preferences. Against this backdrop, for some of you the route to retaining your competitive edge will be to innovate, for others it will be to make acquisitions. For all of you, it will be to run lean and cost effective operations. 

Our technology advisory team specialises in assisting our clients to achieve maximum value from their technology and their IT operations, and enabling the optimal use of technology and IT capital for public and private sector organisations, agile SMEs and private equity investors.

Technology facilitates insight, efficiency and control in businesses to drive performance. Inevitably as technology has developed, information and efficiency have become intertwined with the entire business life cycle .




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